All about iPhone 12 Specifications and Cost

All about iPhone 12 Specifications and Cost

Now the wait is over for iPhone lovers because Apple has released it's first iPhone 12 series. The new series of iPhones 12 and 12 pros were launched on 13 October 2020. It was the most awaited series of Apple iPhones. The company has changed lots of things in this iPhone series regarding design and features.   The iPhone series contains iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone Pro, and iPhone 12 pro max. All the phones have 5G Connectivity, OLED displays, and improved cameras both front and back. There are also bigger differences in the prices of the iPhones in the 12 series.   

How many Models of the iPhones 12 series are Available to Buy?

  There are a total of 4 Models of the Iphone12 series. This is the first time Apple has announced four models of iPhones at one event. This year Apple will sell iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iphone12 pro, and iPhone 12 pro max. All these four models have different prices and features.   

The Cost of the iPhones Series?

  The price starts from $699 and goes up to $1099 for the top model. Customers can buy from any of these iPhone models which fits their budget.   

What will the iPhone 12 look like?

  iPhone 12 has a square edge design which is very similar to the iPhone 5 and iPad pro. New colors are also added which will depend on the model.  

5G Networks

  All the iPhones of the 12 series are capable of connecting 5G networks. The iPhones will also have smart data mode which will decide whether the 5G connection is required for a task or not.   

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Here are the pricing and features of the iPhone 12 series:


1. iPhone 12 

  The price of the iPhone 12 is around Rs 79900. iPhone 12 has a display of 6.10 inches with a resolution of 1170x2532 pixels. The dimensions of the iPhone are 146.70 mm x 71.50 mm x 7.40mm and the weight is 164 grams. It is also water resistance.   Dual sim is supported by the phone in which mobile users can use the nano sim and E-sim cards. The OS version of the iPhone 12 is iOS 14 and also has an internal storage of 64 GB in which users can store all their files like photos and videos.   iPhone 12 has a non-removable battery with wireless fast charging support. If we talk about the camera specifications it includes a 12MP primary camera with f/1.6 aperture and a 12 MP with f/2.4 aperture. The autofocus feature is also given by the company in its primary camera.    The front camera of the mobile has 12 MP with a 2.2 aperture in which users can click awesome selfies. The iPhone 12 is available in 5 colors red, blue, green, black, white.  

Pricing of iPhone 12 variants

  iPhone 12 Model                           Price                                                                 Iphone 12 64 GB                          Rs. 79,900 Iphone 12 128 GB                        Rs. 84,900 Iphone 12 256 GB                        Rs. 94,900  

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2. iPhone 12 Mini 

  The price of the iPhone 12 mini is Rs. 69900. The phone comes with a display of a 5.40 touchscreen with a resolution of 1080x2340 pixels. The iPhone 12 mini supports wireless charging and also fast charging. The weight of the phone is around 135.00 grams.   The iPhone 12 mini has a 12 MP Primary camera with f/1.6 aperture and the second camera of the phone is also 12 MP with f/2.4 aperture. The company added an autofocus feature in the primary camera on this iPhone too.  The iPhone mini has an internal storage of 64 GB.    The front camera of the iPhone mini is 12 MP with f/2.2 aperture to take beautiful selfies. The phone can support dual sim cards in which users can use nano sim cards and e-sim cards. The iPhone mini is based on IOS 14.    The iPhone mini is available in 5 beautiful colors black, white, red, green, blue, etc.   

Pricing of iPhone 12 Mini variants

  iPhone 12 mini Models                   Price   Iphone 12 mini 64 GB                     Rs. 69,900       Iphone 12 mini 128 GB                   Rs. 74,900 Iphone 12 mini 256 GB                   Rs. 84,900  

3. iPhone 12 pro 

  iPhone 12 Pro is one of the top models of the iPhone 12 series. The phone has a display of 6.10 inches with a resolution of 1170x2532 pixels and the iPhone 12 pro also supports fast charging and wireless charging.    The iPhone 12 pro also has a 12 MP camera with f/1.6 aperture and a third 12 MP camera with f/2.0 aperture. The company has also given autofocus in the rear camera. There is also a 12 MP front camera with f/2.2 aperture to take creative and beautiful selfies.   The iPhone 12 pros are also based on IOS 14 and have internal storage of 128 GB. The weight of the iPhone 12 Pro is around 189 grams which is a little bit heavier than other iPhone 12 phones. The iPhone 12 is available in 4 colors graphite, Gold, pacific blue, and silver.   

Pricing of iPhone 12 Pro

  iPhone 12 pro Models                    Price                            Iphone 12 pro 128 GB                    Rs. 1,19,900  Iphone 12 pro 256 GB                    Rs. 1,29,900 Iphone 12 pro 512 GB                    Rs. 1,49,900  

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4. iPhone 12 pro max 

  iPhone 12 Pro Max is the top model of the iPhone 12 series. The display of Pro max is 6.70 inches with a resolution of 1284x2778 pixels. The weight of the phone is around 228 grams which is the highest in the iPhone 12 series.    The phone supports fast charging and wireless charging. The camera of the iPhone 12 pro max is 12 MP with f/1.6 aperture and second 12 MP with f/2.4 aperture and third 12 MP with 2.2 aperture. The autofocus is also given by the company in the rear camera.    The front camera of the iPhone 12 pro max is 12 MP with an f/2.2 aperture to take selfies. The iPhone 12 Pro has an internal storage of 128 GB. It is available in 4 beautiful colors Gold, pacific blue, graphite, and silver.   

Pricing of iPhone 12 pro max

  iPhone 12 pro Models                       Price     Iphone 12 pro max 128 GB               Rs. 129,000 Iphone 12 pro max 256 GB               Rs. 139,900 Iphone 12 pro max 512 GB               Rs. 159,900  


  According to the TechCrunch, squared-off edges of the iPhone 12 makes it easier to grip and also pick up from a flat surface. Most of the reviewers liked the bright colors of the iPhones.   Many reviewers say that the camera of the iPhone 12 takes similar photos to the iPhone 11 pro. Techcrunch also said that there are some improvements in the camera and the biggest change is f/1.6 aperture for the wide camera.   

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User Reviews 

  1. “Just buy it, it's worth the money and its long term value will last and teenagers love it too- especially the cameras.”

  2. “Great Camera, overall helpful. The camera is absolutely amazing. Some people are upset about not adding headphones. I like it. It's good and will reduce millions of pounds of waste.”  

 3. “What’s all the hype I upgraded from iPhone 7 to 12 other than the camera there is nothing spectacular about it. Apple pulled a fast one on its consumers with the whole cable charging scam.”  

 4. “LOVE my new iPhone 12 blue. I upgraded from the iPhone XS. All images are very clear. It's a nice size not that much larger than the XS. The speed of the phone is great. My old charger still works with this phone so not having a charger and earphone was no big deal. I still have PLENTY of chargers and earphones from previous phones that I haven't even used yet.”  

5. “Only one word! AMAZING. This phone is great. It’s so pretty and does everything I need it to! It’s just amazing.”  

6. “Upset with, not including the charger and headphones. Here is why I’m upset being an apple user never thought it is an apple on not include charger and headphones with there iPhone by the time I upgrade my new iPhone my charger cable need replace for them not to include them make me want to go to another cell phone like Samsung where they do include accessories sometimes extras on their phone.”  

7. Let’s talk about this great 5G!! No more 3G support!!   I purchased an iPhone 12 Pro to replace my iPhone X, the phone still worked but it’s three years old and figured it was a good time to upgrade. Overall the new one is exactly the same as the X with a better camera. Oh let’s not forget the iPhone 12 pro has the blazing fast 5G we all have to have because our phones just aren’t fast enough! Unfortunately getting the 5G has come at a huge cost. The iPhone 12 will not run on 3G so you better check your coverage maps and make sure the areas you need your phone support are 5G or LTE. In the future, this may not be a big deal but right now I can tell you 3G is still very important in areas of Las Vegas!! I guess if you are planning on staying in the city and don’t plan on doing any exploring outside of the city the lack of 5G will not be a problem for you. I will be taking my iPhone 12 and X out this weekend to do some side by side comparison to see how much service area I have lost. Also at my house, I am at 1 Bar in 5G or LTE.   8. Horrible 5G   So I switched my phone to LTE only to connect to 5G and drop calls and I had to upgrade my plan to have 5G and it’s not even in my area yet so I upgraded my plan for no reason.   9. Awesome iPhone! Get it, you won't be disappointed!   This phone is perfect in every way! The design and size are the best! It fits well in your hand and is easy to use even without a case! As for 5g, well it's not in my area yet but I did travel to one and 5g kicked in and was good. You also have the option to turn it off and just use LTE as well as battery-saving features. Normal battery life will be determined as with any new phone, burns faster at the beginning because you're always on it. Call clarity is the best and hasn't dropped any calls yet. Pictures and videos are awesome as well! I may actually keep this one longer than a year!