7 Ways Flutter is Setting the Trend in Mobile App Development

7 Ways Flutter is Setting the Trend in Mobile App Development

Cross-platform app development framework like Flutter is setting new trends in the world of mobile app development. Whether you are a new startup or an established business, you must have heard about the Flutter app development solution. In over 6 years, Google has enriched Flutter with various Functions, tools, and many other UI components. If you’re planning to build a mobile app for your business capable of functioning on various operating systems, then Flutter is the best choice for you. This multiplatform mobile app development framework provides a complete business solution via powerful mobile app features and smooth functions. Its eye-catching designs will attract your target audience and give you an edge over your competitors. 

Before going deep into trends set by Flutter, let’s look into Market Insights-

Market Analysis

You must understand the market share of cross-platform app development frameworks and how developers around the world opt for them over native apps. Let’s look into the detailed market analysis-

-> According to the survey, between 2019 to 2022, Flutter, React Native, Cordova, and Ionic were the most preferred cross-platform mobile app development frameworks by global developers.

-> In 2019, React Native was the most popular and used framework by global developers. However, by the end of 2022, Flutter ended up dominating and became more popular than others.

-> In 2022, about 46% of developers around the world started choosing Flutter app development solutions to build mobile apps. However, native app development frameworks are still in use by many developers.

-> Regarding the popularity of mobile apps in the coming years, a study shows that a total of 21 segments are present where people choose to develop mobile apps. Some of the most profitable segments include Games, Music, Utilities, Education, Weather, Medical, Social Networking, etc.

-> Out of these 21 sectors, Games are the most popular and preferred in the USA with a value of US$352.1 million. 

-> According to a survey, in the first quarter of 2023, total global consumer spending on mobile applications was US$33.7 billion.

Now, you know that the Flutter framework is going to be more popular and demanding in the future. All thanks to the trends set by Flutter in the cross-platform app development industry. 

Let’s look at the top seven trends set by Flutter-

Top Seven Mobile App Development Trends Set by Flutter

Though there are multiple ways where Flutter has completely transformed the mobile app development process. Here, you will know the top seven ways Flutter is setting the trend in cross-platform app development since its first release in 2017-

Hot Reloading

Hot reload has made it easier to update the running mobile apps. Flutter developers can insert the updated source code file into the running DVM (Dart Virtual Machine). As a result, the mobile application gets updated with the latest UIs, features, and functions. In return, the Flutter framework allows the building of widget trees without any hindrance. Developers can see the effects of their updates in real-time without disturbing other functions and see the effects in their Flutter-based mobile apps. Thus Hot Reloading allows developers to make changes in a particular section of the mobile app software without touching other parts of it. 

Single Codebase

The one significant quality of Flutter that makes it special and different from other frameworks is the “write once” technique. Flutter app development service providers need to write mobile app source codes once and deploy them on different operating systems. It exhibits the Flutter framework’s flexibility and efficiency. Android and iOS are two of the most widely used operating systems after Windows. Flutter’s compatibility has eased the workload of developers and fastened the mobile app development process. Thus making it the favorite of many tech giants and business entities. In addition, single codebase applications are much easier to manage. Any change can be performed simultaneously and get the same result on different platforms. 

Rich Library Access

Since Flutter was released by Google in May 2017, developers have worked tirelessly to enrich the library. Flutter has many unique functions, icons, tools, and other useful UI components to help developers with individual mobile app development processes for free. Flutter’s enriched library has several widgets and packages to accommodate different styles. Developers from around the world experiment and upload their work on GitHub. The benefit of updating libraries and dev tools with different styles and techniques is that developers around the world can customize them as per their requirements regardless of screen size. Also, regular updates help Flutter framework grow and build new advanced and unique mobile applications. 

Efficient Programming Language

Flutter apps are developed on the Dart programming language created by Google. It is easy to learn, understandable, efficient, and highly predictable. With the help of Dart language, Flutter app development service providers can avoid building separate declarative layout languages, such as JSX and XML. Since Flutter mobile app development process uses only one programming language, it is easy to use additional tools and visualize their effects in real-time. Further, Just in Time compilation reduces development time and responds faster. In other words, Dart programming language alone is enough to function as a compiler and executor while building robust, faster, comprehensive, and superior mobile apps.

Testing and Maintenance

Since this framework uses only one programming language to write codes, the processing of Flutter application development becomes considerably easier. Also, Flutter allows developers to reuse different plugins and save time. When it comes to testing the Flutter mobile apps, simple quality assurance is sufficient. It is faster to verify Flutter mobile applications’ functionalities, programs, and features. After the launching of the mobile app, Flutter exhibits much fewer bug issues and requires much less maintenance. Further, high performance is one of the strong points of Flutter. Thus Flutter is the best choice to build a budget-friendly, futuristic, and high-performing mobile app.

Cross-platform App Development

Since Flutter has shown the effectiveness of mobile app development using a single code base, developers around the world choose Flutter for cross-platform mobile app development. This platform-independent app development framework is highly effective in developing complex business solutions. Many on-demand mobile app development companiesare offering eye-catching Flutter app development solutions to small and big enterprises, startups, and tech giants. This cross-platform app development allows developers to build beautiful apps on a small budget. Therefore, in the last few years, many new startups and small businesses have launched their mobile apps to reach their target audience. Since visualization is way better than other native apps, businesses have registered tremendous growth in a short time. 


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Easy Integration and Better Compatibility

Since Flutter doesn’t need to build two separate applications for Android and iOS, finding business solutions to complex problems becomes easier. Developers can show one MVP to investors compatible with all platforms. Whether it is Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS, Flutter offers superior compatibility, makes it easier for developers to build the app code for simple MVP, and doesn’t ask for a separate backend. Thus, it saves developers time and extra costs. Hence, Flutter app development is one of the most budget-friendly mobile app development processes compared to other native app development processes. Google also shows massive support regarding compatibility with Firebase and encourages developers to build and customize mobile apps. 

These are some of the most popular and groundbreaking trends set by Flutter since its release. Indeed, in the future, the world will witness far more influential trends and changes done by the Flutter framework.

Reasons to Choose Flutter For Your Next Mobile App Idea

Cross-platform app development frameworks, such as Flutter exhibit innumerable benefits to businesses and enterprises. Let’s discuss some of the most popular benefits that attract tech giants and why it is wise to choose the Flutter framework for your next mobile app idea-

Beautiful UI

Flutter offers some of the most eye-catching graphics, color codes, and other UI components. Also, those unique functions are easy to integrate and execute. Thus it helps developers to build powerful mobile applications in much less time and effort.

Low Development Cost

Flutter offers a single code base to develop the MVP and an easy integration process with better compatibility across all platforms. Therefore, global developers in the Flutter app development companies don’t need to build separate codes for different platforms. They can use the same code and time. Clients also get budget-friendly and faster mobile app development services.

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Small Development Team

Since less number of developers are needed to build the mobile app. Companies can save time and money by hiring fewer developers. It is also better to manage a small team and get faster results. 

Firebase for Backend Development

From cloud storage and hosting to real-time database services, Firebase offers a complete package to developers to use as a backend and get seamless experiences. Ultimately, it contributes to the popularity of mobile apps. 


It is sufficient to say that Flutter is the future. Google, one of the top tech giants, has completely changed the game by launching the Flutter framework. As this framework is growing day by day, many businesses prefer to choose Flutter for their mobile app development. With more advanced features and functions, mobile app development companies are not hesitant to experiment and develop unique mobile applications. It is also apparent that in the coming years, Flutter will set new trends in the mobile app development industry. As a result, Flutter will be high in demand. The competition in the mobile app development industry will be tougher and more creative solutions will see the light. 


Q1. What is the scope of the Flutter framework?

The way companies are using the Flutter framework to build powerful mobile apps, the future of Flutter is bright. Google is also rigorously supporting updates and making Flutter more advanced. Moreover, this cross-platform app development framework is going to be more popular in the future. So, if you're looking for the most efficient way to turn your app idea into reality, you should opt for Flutter and hire a Flutter app development company.

Q3. Which companies are working with Flutter?

Flutter has started dominating various industries. Mobile app development companies are reinventing the way people deal with everyday situations and Flutter has been helping them tremendously. Companies like BMW, GooglePay, ByteDance, CrowdSource, Dream11, Beike, Alibaba Group, Abbey Road Studios, and many more are making waves with Flutter mobile apps.

Q2. Is it necessary to hire a Flutter app development company to build a custom mobile application?

If you are well aware of the insights and flutter app development process, it is better to develop your mobile app. However, it is preferred only for simple MVPs. If your mobile app idea is complex, then you must consider hiring a trusted and experienced Flutter app development company to build your custom mobile app.

Q4. What factors influence the cost of developing a Flutter application?

Although Flutter is one of the most budget-friendly and advanced mobile app development frameworks. Still, some significant factors affect the cost of building a powerful cross-platform mobile app development. These are the hourly rate of app developers based on experience and expertise, number of functions in the mobile app, complexity of the mobile application, app design, and layout, location of Flutter app development company, testing & maintenance, etc.