Drama King

Dramaking is a video making app with all the advanced features. The app allows users to create short videos and showcase their talent on this platform. The user can use the audios, stickers, filters, and many more features that are available on the app for the best results. Become a star and earn through Drama King.

The Journey

Challenges were

Video Listing was done individually because the server and the app could not handle the videos at a single time.
We used sockets for the chats for more customizations because we are not adding any third-party SDK.
To set the timer in the camera along with slow-motion and fast-motion videos.
To add filters and merge the audio with
the video.
According to the mobile version, we compressed the video and the compression is in the background for a better and smooth user experience.
The buffering time was more during video loading, so we added the videos in parts (HLS Format) which made buffering zero.

What we did

We added chat using a socket without any third-party SDK.
A crown feature has been added through which the user can give the crown to another user whose video they liked the most.
We have added two functionalities through which the user can add audios online as well as from the internal storage.
We have used a fully customized camera along with additional features such as stickers, animations, text, etc.
We have added the photo collage functionalities with customizations in which the user can also add filters, animations, audios, etc in it.
We have included a movable layout for video compress and upload due to which the user can see the video listings of other users without any problem.


Love making short videos and showing creativity. Then Drama King is all about it. After TikTok got banned people were waiting for an app that could replace it and Drama King is the one with the best features and functionalities. People are loving this app because of its making them popular among people.

The users can use filters and audios and create the best videos and earn through it. You can use your talent on Drama King and get views, shares, and comments and start earning today!!

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