Which one to choose- React Native or Native App Development?

React Native Development vs Native Application Development

In our previous blog- ‘Which is better- React Native or Native App’ we discussed the pros and cons and also the comparison between React Native and Native app development platforms. In this blog, we will move forward and will tell you which platform to choose for app development- React Native or Native. We will also see what factors must be considered while choosing the right App Development platform.


When to Choose Native App Development?


Opting Native app development is the right choice only when-


  • You are developing a complicated application, specifically a Messenger app.
  • Your main aim is on the native user experience.
  • You are planning to launch the update on a regular basis.
  • You are developing an app that is totally dependent on native device features.
  • You are developing an individual-based platform app.
  • You are developing an IoT-based mobile app.


When to Choose React Native App Development?


Opting React Native app development is a correct choice only when:-


  • When you are developing a simple and reliable app.
  • You are on the verge of launching a cross-platforms-based app.
  • You want to create an e-commerce app.
  • You want to develop a social media app such as Instagram or Facebook.
  • You want an app at an affordable price.
  • You want to hit the market as early as possible.
  • You want to use Facebook ads in your app.


This decision must be taken by you. But if you are a startup then I will surely recommend you to opt for React Native technology. The reasons are mentioned below which proves how React Native is helpful for Startups to enter the mobile world.


Why React Native is a Better Option than Native App Development for Startups?


To give you a better view and clarity, I have listed down the points that are faced by the startups in the entire mobile app development scenario and how this platform will turn the tables.


1. Confusion in Targeting the Audience


As you have just set your baby footsteps in the business world, you might tremble and might be confused on “Which platform to choose for Mobile Startups- Android or iOS?” because you are afraid about the fact that you might choose the wrong platform which the users might not be using.


So to solve your problem, React Native helps you to aim at both the platforms at the same time due to which now you will not be confused about opting for the best platform.


2. Higher Efforts


It might happen that you might not have much of technical knowledge due to which you will not be able to hire two different teams for making your app accessible on both iOS and Android at the same place. This will result in extra effort in the hiring process and you will not be able to focus on other aspects.


So to minimize your efforts, React Native app development is the best solution as you do not require two different teams for iOS and Android. 


3. Limited Budget


If you want to invest less as you have limited funds then React Native app developments are the best option as it is affordable if compared with Native app development. This will help you to set your foot into the mobile world even if you have a limited budget.


4. Launching Dilemma


Everyone knows how tough the market has become and keeping this in mind you probably might think that when and how to launch a mobile app on iOS and Android platforms and to gain higher ROI.


To put a full stop to your thinking, React Native helps you to launch a mobile app on both platforms as early as possible.




I have covered all the points that must be kept in mind while choosing the right platform. But still, if you have any doubts or any confusion then feel free to contact us and hire a team of developers from JPLoft who will help you in each and every step of your project.

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