Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating A Website

Tips for creating attractive websites

To stand out from the competition, you must have a very different but SEO friendly website and for this, it is very important to think out of the box. Your website might look good to you and your team but it might not be the same case with Google.


So to have an attractive website, the first thing you must stop doing is to steal. Yes, stop stealing the website layouts of other companies.


You must have your innovative ideas and that innovative idea must be given the shape of a beautiful company site.


Given below are the mistakes which are usually seen in the badly designed websites.


1. Responsive less


If a website isn’t responsive, then it is of no use because in today’s era most people use mobile for browsing instead of a computer or laptop.


So it is very important to make a website responsive because it brings more traffic and creates more engagement which leads to more click-through rates and ROI.


2. Hamburger Menu


Using Hamburger Menu on a website has become a trend but site owners don’t know that this leads to less discoverability due to hidden content and is also less efficient.


3. Forgetting Analytics


A website is not about creating once and then forgetting it. But is about changing with technology and trends. It is very important to keep your website up to date and up to the expectations of the customers because many analytical tools are present in today’s era that can track the performance of your website.


4. No Call to Action 


It is very important to have a call to action on your website. When a customer arrives on your website, he must know where he must go next and what he has to do. It helps the customers to get to know about your services.


So keep it in mind to add the call to action buttons in contrasting colors as compared to the rest of the website page.


5. Slow Loading


Don’t let your site load slowly. Today’s customers don’t like to waste time and most of the customers will only wait for only a few seconds and then they will hit the back button. So make sure that you focus on the lightweight and speed of your website.


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