Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends You Must Know About In 2021

Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends You Must Know About In 2021
Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends You Must Know About In 2021

Mobile applications are one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world. According to Statista, mobile applications had generated $581 billion dollars of revenue in 2020.


There are already more than 3 billion users of smartphones worldwide. Many businesses are taking the benefits of mobile app development to grow their business online.


If we want to grow our business online then we must know the trends of mobile app development in 2021.


Here in this post, we will talk about all the latest trends of mobile app development in 2021.


So let’s just dive in:


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1.  Wearable device technology


The wearable device technology is growing at a very faster pace. There are already different kinds of smartwatches, fitness bands, trackers, and smart rings are available in the market. These wearable devices have changed a lot of things. 


There is a huge potential in the wearable device industry. There are many developers available in the mobile app development industry who are integrating their applications into wearable devices.


2. Instant Mobile application


Google launched instant apps in 2016 to make things easier for developers and users. Instant apps are those applications in which users can easily test these applications without downloading them.


Benefits of the instant applications 


  • Very small size
  • Great user experience
  • The memory of the device is not used


Instant applications are available in the google play store and users will get instant access to the applications without downloading them on their mobile phones.


3. Foldable Mobile Phone Apps


Foldable phones are a hot trend in the smartphone industry. Many mobile app development companies are also developing applications for foldable phones. 


Benefits of foldable phones application:


  • Give a larger display 
  • Excellent user experience
  • Display content in more details


Developers should make their mobile applications more comfortable for foldable mobile phone users. Businesses can also hire an experienced mobile app development company to develop an app for foldable smartphones. 

4. Artificial Intelligence In Mobile Apps


Artificial intelligence makes mobiles applications more comfortable and user friendly. It also improves engagement with mobile users. 


AI helps businesses to maintain customer loyalty and helps in building stable omnichannel experiences. 


5. Chatbots


We can say that chatbots are not a new trend but this integration is required by almost every business because it provides a 24/7 support facility for application users.


These days nobody is interested in telephonic customer support. Every customer wants instant replies in the app whenever they face any kind of issue. 


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6. Digital Payment Apps


Smartphones made it very easy for users to make payments digitally. Today there are lots of mobile applications available in the play store that are helping users to conduct mobile payments. 


Mobile applications help users to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. There are many-advanced payment systems also developed by mobile app development companies for the audience.


7. Mobile Apps For Homes


Many mobile app development companies are developing smart home apps to improve consumers’ experience in their own homes. Users can also integrate their home security into mobile applications.


You can also control your home security camera from outside of your home with the help of a mobile app. Smart home security applications are developed by experienced mobile app development companies.


8. Mobile Apps For Small Businesses


Many small businesses are taking the advantage of mobile apps to grow their business online. With the help of mobile applications, a small business can grow its presence and sales at a very rapid pace.


Many small businesses are developing their own mobile applications to improve their customer experience. You can also read our latest blog on the Benefits of Mobile Application For Business in 2021 for more details.


9. Transportation Apps


In recent times, we have seen lots of train tickets, bus booking, applications in the play store. There are also many ridesharing applications available in the Google play store and Apple app store which are dominating the market.


Now many users can also book a scooter or bicycle whenever they need them. Mobile users just have to scan a QR code to unlock the scooter. 


You can also create your own ride-sharing application in 2021.


10. Biometric Recognition Application


Biometric applications are used to improve the security of mobile devices. 


Some of the examples of biometric includes:


  • Voice recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprint recognition


Many mobile applications also use these biometrics to make secure digital transactions.




Technology is changing day by day. We will also see the new exciting trends in the upcoming years also. There are many predictions are made by experts about the mobile app industry. 


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