Instagram, Facebook Back Online After Giving Major Thanksgiving Outage

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On Thursday, Facebook and Instagram faced a major outage due to which these social media platforms were not accessible. Now Facebook has announced that the outage has been restored and can be accessed. This can play a major role in the Digital Marketing Company.


Facebook blamed and their central software systems for several hours of cracking connectivity. Many users took the help of Twitter to comment about the crash they were facing.


In a statement, a company spokesman said “Earlier today, people may have experienced trouble accessing Facebook’s family of apps. The issue has since been resolved, we are back to 100 percent for everyone and we’re sorry for any inconvenience”.


Instagram tweeted earlier today: “Gobble gobble, we back. We apologize for the inconvenience and wish a #HappyThanksgiving to those who celebrate!”


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Downdetector, which tracks outages on the Internet, said users on all Facebook platforms have had problems at 1:45 GMT.


As is often the case with these outages, it seemed to happen randomly around the world, in some areas affected and not in others.


Several users reported problems such as not posting pictures and videos to their main feeds, and a “Facebook will be back soon” error message during login attempts appeared.


According to Facebook, its product range has 2.45 billion active monthly users.

This can be great news for Digital Marketing Company

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