Importance of Responsive Web Design to Grow Your Business

importance of responsive web design

The importance of responsive web design is not hidden by anyone. Responsive designs can solve a lot of problems on your website. It helps to sort out many problems and make your site mobile-friendly. Not only this, but it also improves your rankings in search engines.


Don’t know the importance of responsive web design and keen to know more about it. Then stick on and read to know.


What is Responsive Web Design?



Responsive web design is a way through which you can put your website together that scales the website automatically according to the devices. The responsive web design helps to avoid unnecessary resizing, scrolling, zooming or panning on sites that aren’t optimized for different devices.


Navigating these sites is often very difficult and can even cost you potential customers who are frustrated when they don’t know what to do next. Now, instead of designing multiple websites for different devices, you just have to design a single website which saves time and money.


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Why Invest In Responsive Web Design?



We live in an era where foldable phones are emerging. So it is very important for your website to be viewable across multiple devices. I am saying so because we never know which device people are going through our website. 


Google also announced that mobile-friendliness will also be a way through which your website can rank in its search engine algorithms. So, don’t lose your rank and customers and it is a very good idea to invest in responsive web design.


Importance of Responsive Web Design


The importance of responsive web design can be understood by the benefits it provides which will force you to redesign your website if it is not responsive.


There are many reasons why you should go for a responsive web design which are given below:


1. There’s an increase in the number of mobile users



In recent years, we have seen tremendous growth in mobile users. Now many users prefer to browse websites on mobiles instead of laptops and computers. Developers should ensure that their websites have responsive designs for mobile phones. There are already 4.66 mobile internet users around the world according to datareportal. If the websites are not responsive in mobiles it can impact the user experience of the business.


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2. It improves your user experience



If your website is responsive and has great designs it can also improve the mobile user’s experience. You can make an attractive design for the website to attract new website users. If your website design is appealing then the users will surely visit your website again. You have to also ensure that your website is loading fast because it can directly impact the user’s experience. 


Unprofessional websites can make you lose your customers and revenue. But Responsive design can provide a good user experience. It will help the users to view content very quickly and also lead a positive impact on the users. 


Businesses need to create a great impression on the website visitors to generate leads. 


3. Bounce Rates are Reduced to a Great Extent



The bounce rate is one of the most important factors in Internet marketing. Responsive design will help the businesses to reduce the bounce rate. If the users will stay longer on your website it will increase the conversion rates. Bounce rate May also help the websites to increase their website rankings. 


4. It helps reduce your website’s bounce rate



If your website has a responsive design it will help you to reduce your website bounce rate. Bounce rate is a metric that is used to measure how many people leave your website without taking any other actions. Responsive design will make the users stay longer on your website and it also gives a positive experience to the visitors. Your website bounce will stay lower if visitors stay longer on your website. It may also help your website to improve search engine rankings. But all these things only happen if you make your website responsive and attractive for the visitors and you also want them to stay longer on your website. 


5. Your website will load faster



Website speed is one of the important factors in Search engine optimization. Google always recommends a responsive website which helps to reduce load time. It will also improve the user experience if your website loads faster. But developers must ensure that their website loads faster on every device including smartphones and tablets. Your website images should be responsive and also have fluid grids which take very little time to load the website. 


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6. Cost-effectiveness



If businesses want to maintain separate websites for mobile and non-mobile users it will get expensive. But this cost can be reduced if businesses use responsive design for the website. You will need to invest only in one web design that will be suitable for every device. 


7. Flexibility



If you have a website with a responsive design, you can change very easily and effectively. You don’t need to make changes to two websites. Flexibility has a great advantage that whenever you want to change or want to make new designs for the website you can do it very quickly.


8. Search Engine Optimization Gains



Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method that is used by every company to get higher rankings in the search engine. When you are at the top of the search page your customers will find you very easily without having any difficulties. Google always prefers responsive design and mobile-friendly websites. Responsive design can also help you to boost your rankings in search engines.


9. Ease of management



It is very difficult for businesses, especially small businesses don’t have to update their websites regularly. But if you have a responsive website design you can easily make changes on your own in an effective way. You also don’t need to hire a highly paid web designer when you have a responsive design. 


It becomes easier to handle other marketing elements and strategies when you have just one website. Responsive design makes it easy for the owners to manage their business website easily. 


10. The Conversion Rates are High



If Businesses want to grow online then they have to build trust and also have to improve the user experience.  It is proved that a great user experience has higher and better conversion rates. Conversion rates may have different goals and achievements according to businesses like signing to a newsletter, making a call, or to purchase products and services. The conversion rates are higher on smartphones compared to desktops. 


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After going through the importance of responsive web design you might have understood now why it is necessary for your website. If you think that your website is not responsive and you are not able to see your business growing then it is high time to redesign your website.


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