Grocery Delivery App Development: Key Features, Benefits, And Cost

Grocery Delivery App Development

Coronavirus has impacted our daily lives badly. The thing that has saved our lives is Grocery Delivery App due to which people are preferring Grocery Delivery App Development.


During this pandemic, people are avoiding going outside and are following social distancing. Even after almost everything has opened now, still, people are following social distancing by ordering online whatever they can.


If this pandemic could have arrived before few years then we could not have any platform through which we could order anything online. And this virus could spread at a very fast pace. But now, we have all the facilities and this has become possible only because of the growing technology.


In this mobile-driven world, you can do it all in minutes, from the comfort of your home or office. If you want to raise serious money then the grocery delivery app development, this is the time to start.


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Impact of COVID-19 On Online Grocery Business


Due to coronavirus, several major industries across the world were shut down and a few of them are still closed. This is the reason why there is a boom in Grocery Delivery App Development. 


The growing sales of online grocery indicate the requirement of grocery ordering and delivery apps. As people are struggling in this lockdown situation, securing food supplies is one of the biggest challenges in the current situation. Food and basic necessities are leaving the warehouse as panic continues to be bought at the brick-and-wall sites. As a result, food ordering and delivery applications rose to the charts and were under a huge increase in daily downloads.


Statistics of Grocery Delivery App During COVID-19


Given below are some recent facts and statistics that show the massive increase in the Grocery Delivery and ordering app usage during coronavirus.


  • At the beginning of April 2020, shopping app downloads across the world reached 106 Million.
  • Since February, the daily downloads of Walmart Grocery, Shipt, and Instacart increased by 160%, 124%, and 218%.
  • Since January, the download of Amazon grew by 20%.
  • Walmart Grocery was ranked 1 on Google Play store while ranked 2 on the App Store at the starting of April.


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How Does A Grocery Delivery App Work?



The Grocery Delivery App functions very easily. Grocery items can be seen virtually that helps you to choose the grocery items quickly and easily. Filters are also available which helps in searching. Add the grocery items that are required in the cart and checkout by selecting the option of payment.


Other than these features, many other features are also added as per the requirement of the client. Given below are the detailed steps of Grocery Delivery App:


  • Users can register by filling the necessary details
  • After register, login with Email or phone number and Password
  • Search the product that is required through the search option or filters
  • Select the product and add it to the cart
  • Fill the address details where the products are to be delivered
  • Confirm the order by selecting the payment option
  • Admin receives the order request
  • The order is forwarded to the grocery store manager
  • The store manager accepts or rejects the order
  • Admin reverts the customer through notification
  • Store Manager then generates the order
  • Admin is updated about the collection of order from courier service
  • Order is delivered to the customer successfully 
  • Courier service provider updates Admin and Customer 


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Key Benefits of Grocery Apps For the Business and Users



1. For Customer


– Available 24×7 Days 


Grocery Delivery App is available 24*7 and the customer can shop anytime and from anywhere across the world.




The Grocery Delivery App is easy and convenient to use for the customers as they can browse and buy items by sitting at home or home comfortably.


– Time & Money Saving


With the help of the Grocery Delivery App, the customers are saving their time as well as money. They just have to open the grocery app and the shopping is done and the items will be delivered at the doorstep.


– Attractive Offers


Grocery apps provide attractive and amazing discounts and offer for their better shopping experience. This is why people love shopping from Grocery apps.


– Easy and Secure Payment


The items can be purchased and the payment can be done by selecting the best payment option the customer feels safe for.


2. For App Owners


– Stability


Due to an increase in demand for Grocery Delivery App Development, the competition has become tough. SO the app owner must provide interesting offers to the customers in every aspect.


– Branding


The app owner must also focus on branding as building trust is very important. If the branding is done properly then the customer base will increase and there will be a hike in sales.


– Competitive edge


Knowing the rivals helps you in progressing and it also increases the understanding of the competitors and the customers.


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Features of Grocery Delivery App


Admin Panel User Panel Delivery Panel Grocery Store
Dashboard Log-in and Sign-in Delivery Request Notification Order management
Real-time Analytics User Profile Accept/ Reject Delivery Request Manage Inventory
Manage Customers Current Location GPS/ Track Customer Location on Map Accept/ Reject Order
Manage Delivery Boy Shop by Category In-app Chat/ In-app Calling Receive Payment
Manage Stores Browse Items Get Delivery Confirmation Review & Ratings
Push Notification Search Items
Manage Offer and Coupon Code Add to Wish-List
Category Management  Add to Cart
Order Management Schedule Delivery
Manage Payment Order Tracking
Order History
Digital Wallet
Multiple Payment Options
Review & Rating
Social Sharing
Invite Friend
In-app Chat


Required Development Team


For developing a Grocery Delivery app, you will require a highly experienced team who can turn your idea into reality. The essential team members should be:


1. Project Manager


The Project Manager manages the project by analyzing the requirement and co-ordinate with developers and clients for the project.


2. Mobile App Developers


Mobile app developers are responsible for the Grocery Delivery App development. The developers have the knowledge and are experts in the latest technologies and languages of mobile.


3. Front-End Developers


The front-end developers are responsible for developing unique and attractive UI and designs of the app.


4. Back-End Developers


Back-end developers are the one who is considered for plugin development, APIs, database management, and other features.


5. QA Expert


A QA goes through the app completely and checks whether all the features mentioned by the client are working or not along with the design.


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Cost Of The App Depends On Various Factors


The cost of the Grocery Delivery App depends on many factors. Let’s look into the factors that influence the Grocery Delivery App Development.


1. App Features


The complexity of the app and features decides what will be the cost of the app. If the features are more and complex then the prices for Grocery Delivery App Development will increase.


2. Development Team Size


The cost of the app might also change with the number of developers, designers, and QA is required. 


3. Choice of Platforms


You might choose from Android and iOS, and if you want in both the platform then you must go with hybrid or native. This choice also changes the prices of app development.


4. Preferable Location


It depends on which country you want the application development. Some charges hourly as well and it totally depends from region to region. So choose the Grocery Delivery App Development company wisely and after research.


So, the cost depends on the points that are mentioned above. 


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Cost Of Grocery Delivery App Development


The cost for grocery delivery app development will be around $5000 to $8000 and the time duration will be approx. 2 months (working days). Not only this but, the cost may vary according to the features and the company you choose from where. 




So, today we have discussed Grocery Delivery App Development and why it is important during this crisis. Because of coronavirus, the demand for such apps has increased due to which startups and entrepreneurs are diving into this business.


So don’t go for a second thought and contact the best mobile app development company and hire the experienced developers.

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