Google Maps to Add a New ‘Lighting’ Feature for Safe Night Travel

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For your safety, Google Map is soon going to add a new feature that will highlight the streets in “Yellow color”. It is said that Google will add a new layer to highlight the streets with lightning and this is done for the users’ safety. This feature will attract Maps Application Development Company


Aforementioned, the streets will be lit in Yellow Color and this is done to differentiate it from the dark-colored streets. This feature was seen in an APK teardown of the beta version. Google has not yet announced about when it will make it live in the public version.


According to the reports, the new feature is named “Lightning” and this will help the users to identify the streets which are lit brightly. To help the users to avoid the streets with poor or no lightning, this feature will highlight the streets in yellow color which will give good lightning.


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It is assumed that it will be first launched in India as women’s safety is the biggest issue till date. This feature is for everyone as it will also help the people who are not familiar with the locality and travels at night.


But, it is still doubtful about how Google will collect and update the data on the lighting of the streets.


Google has been working on providing new features to the people who are new to the place or are tourists.


In November of this year, Google Maps launched a new “translation” feature. This feature allows the smartphone to speak out the name of the place and address it in the local language which helps the travelers in a lot of ways.


Not only this, but Google is also planning to roll out a new feature that will help the users to directly link to the Google Translate app for better and deep conversations other than directions and location names.


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Also, last month Google Maps announced new functionality that allows the users to follow the Local Guides for recommendations. With the help of this feature, users’ can easily find their top Local Guides in the “For You” section in the app used by most Application Development Company.


Google is not taking the name to halt and this can be said because of the rolling out of new features every now and then


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