Facebook Is the New Cigarette For Our Kids: Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

Facebook is the “new cigarettes” for kids

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff targeted the social networking platform- Facebook and said that it is the “new cigarettes” for kids as they are highly addicted to it.


Mark Zuckerberg announced that he will put forward his views on free expression and responding to the company Benioff said that Facebook must be held accountable now.


He tweeted on 16th October 2019 “Facebook is a publisher. They need to be held accountable for propaganda on their platform. We must have standards & practices decided by law. FB is the new cigarette – it’s addictive, bad for us, & our kids are being drawn in. We need to abolish section 230 Indemnifying them,”.


Section 230 of the US Communications Decency Act of 1996 gives a social media company automatic liability protection for content posted by their users.


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The Salesforce chief in an interview with CNN pushed for the breakup of Facebook.


He said, “They’re also acquiring other companies and co-mingling (data)… they probably should be broken up because they’re having an undue influence as the largest social media platform on the planet”.


Facebook CEO was scheduled to make a speech on free expression on 17th October 2019.


Zuckerberg posted “Why I believe voice is important, how giving people a voice and bringing people together go hand in hand, how we might address the challenges that more voice and the internet introduce, and the major threats to free expression around the world”.


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Not Only Salesforce CEO but also several US lawmakers like Elizabeth Warren and Senators Kamala Harris wants to break up Facebook.


While Elizabeth Warren ran a face ad on Facebook which was successful and it claimed “Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook just endorsed Donald Trump for re-election”.


On the other hand, Mark promised his employees that he will “fight and win”


But Zuckerberg has promised his staff to “fight and win” if Democratic presidential hopeful Warren wins the 2020 election and moves forward with her announced plans to break the major US technology companies.

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