E-commerce Industry- The New World Of Shopping And Its Changing Perception

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The IT industry has seen a drastic change in technology and will still continue to see as the trend of the technologies is not going to stop so soon. The technologies that have surrounded the worlds are Android, iOS, 2D, 3D, Virtual Reality, and a lot more.


If compared to a decade back, the technology now is entirely different which can be seen in our day-to-day life. Everything has become digital and advanced and no one wants to compromise with all these benefits. These changes in technology have come at a very fast pace and this has only been possible because of the fast development in the industry and their website.


One such technology is e-commerce. There are many companies that are offering the advantage of having an e-commerce website because this technology is in the trend and will continue for years.


E-commerce is the new world for shopping and in recent years, many e-commerce websites have been emerged and are running successfully with high revenue growth. So to increase their productivity, few of the e-commerce companies have collected important data of the customers by their visiting habits on e-commerce websites. There is nothing to hyper about it as it is a very common practice by the marketplace.


Given below are the data that gives valuable information about customer’s online buying habits-


For what do they come online?

What they browse?

What they like or dislike?

What they end up buying after surfing the website?


Many e-commerce biggies have used this method and one such company is Jabong. The company used algorithms to offer customers what they need instead of showing them all the items in 2016. The collection of data methods helped the e-commerce company to a large extent to remove the brands or products that the customers do not like or visit. Due to this, the number of brands presents online in Jabong decreased to 1,500 from 2,500. This method has been very helpful to many e-commerce websites as genuine customer’s increases who are keenly interested in buying the products.


The companies that applied this algorithm on their website have seen a positive growth i.e. the ratio of the customers who purchase the products from every 100 visitors has increased to 2.12 percent from 1.7 percent.


Online shoppers do not care about the discounts because the only thing that matters to them is their comfort. This comfort is given by e-commerce websites. The e-commerce biggies are coming up with new ideas in order to have a long term relationship with the customers. So, customers are ready to see new ideas from e-commerce websites and enjoy them.


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