Key Benefits Of PHP Laravel Framework In Web Development

Benefits Of PHP Laravel Framework In Web Development

As the days are passing technology too is growing at the same speed. New technologies emerge each day which come with new coding techniques and are in high demand. One such framework which is in high demand and has a lot of benefits/ advantages as compared to other frameworks is the PHP Laravel framework in web development solutions. For the last few years, it has become an optimal choice for the web development company. Even with the presence of several frameworks, the Laravel web development company would still use this PHP framework for your next project. As an investor, you must be aware of the reasons, Why developers in the web and mobile app development companies choose this open-source framework over others. So in today’s blog, we are going to see the benefits of PHP Laravel Framework in web development that makes it too famous in the present era. 

What is PHP Laravel Framework?

PHP Laravel framework is an open-source and free PHP web development framework functioning on the Model-View-Controller model (MVC). 

Why is Laravel the Best Choice for Web Development?

Even with the presence of the CodeIgniter web development framework, developers still prefer to use the PHP Laravel framework for web application development. Let’s understand the reasons why Laravel is the best choice for web app development services for backend development and deployment.

Faster Development Process

Since the PHP Laravel framework functions on a modular basis to develop expressive web applications. The reasons behind using Laravel by web development companies are built-in structure, high security, less debugging, and many other things. Since its launch in 2011, the Laravel framework developers have been improving it and making it future-ready.

Better Authentication and Authorization Solution

Authentication processes, such as registration, login, and password setting are easy to implement and set with the help of Laravel. It also provides high security against potential risks. That’s why it is preferred over other web development frameworks like CodeIgniter. In addition, Laravel performs all of these operations on a single command and provides simple ways to authorize logic and control resource access.

Zero Technical Discrepancies

Cross-site scripting, request forgery, and other security vulnerabilities are some of the most critical ones occurring in the web application. As the software development cycle grows, so does the time and cost it takes to fix such vulnerabilities. With PHP Laravel, web development companies can avoid such risks and offer secure Laravel web development services to their clients.

MVC Architecture in Laravel Framework

MVC architecture offers all the structural needs of the web application a Laravel web development company requires. That’s why it is one of the most preferred frameworks for backend development in web applications. Besides, MVC architecture is highly beneficial to build better-performing web applications, introduce various built-in functions, and provide descriptive documentation.

Automation and Unit Testing Features

Every Laravel web development company ensures bug-free application development and incorporation of every feature mentioned at the beginning of the Laravel web development cycle. With the Laravel framework, quality analysts can opt for automatic test support to save time and extra effort. In addition, Laravel offers to build expressive apps to meet user demands and requirements. Unit testing feature in the PHP Laravel framework helps developers test all the incorporated features in the web app. 

Task Execution and Scheduling Automation

Task scheduling and execution are two of the most important tasks every web application needs. Tasks that need automation include sending emails to subscribers, delivering push notifications, and many others. Laravel framework’s automatic command scheduler helps with defining command schedules fast. As a result, the Laravel web development company can prevent extra hosting costs.

Better Traffic Handling Capacity

As the web application grows over time, so does the traffic on the website. At that point, handling user traffic efficiently is challenging. For load balancing, the PHP Laravel framework uses a message queue system and keeps the web server potent. One of the biggest benefits of the queue is that time-consuming tasks can be differentiated.

Now, you know the reasons many web development companies choose the PHP Laravel framework for backend development.

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Benefits of PHP Laravel

Though PHP Laravel framework exhibits numerous benefits. Let’s list some of the notable benefits due to which a web development company prefers this framework for backend development-

Prevents Authorized Users from Access Paid Resources

The foremost benefit of the Laravel framework is that it helps in preventing authorized users to access paid resources and it also furnishes the authentication and authorization codes in a very simpler manner. Authorization and authentication are two reasons, developers use the PHP Laravel framework instead of Codeigniter. 

Drops an Email Notification to the Users

The web application sends an email notification to the users for successful registration with the help of the simple API registration technique provided by Laravel. PHP Laravel also supports the transmission of emails and notifications across multiple channels, such as SMS and Slack.

Enhances the Performance of Web Applications

The PHP Laravel framework gives the benefit of integrating multiple cache configurations due to which the web application runs faster if compared with other core platforms. Apart from this, it also helps in enhancing the performance of the web applications developed completely. 

Secure Web Resources

Laravel secures risks including SQL injections, Cross-site request issues, scripting, etc. because its code is highly secured. Further, debugging and technical & security bug issues get resolved in much less time. As a result, the web development company takes much less time to build unique applications while managing complicated security risks without any worry.

Proper Error Handling capability

Customers want the registration process to be very easy and smooth. If they make any mistake they want that mistake to be notified correctly and the Laravel framework has the capability of handling all such errors with the help of its Monolog logging library. This library also supports various powerful log handlers.

Easier and Quick Testing

In Laravel, the testing is automatic which is far better than manual testing as the time consumed while testing is less. Its built-in testing features and phpunit.xml, a PHP Unit testing support ensure excellent user behavior and analyze results without investing excess time and money. It also ensures that no gaps remain during the testing of fundamental features in the web application.

Automatic Loading of URL Routing

Laravel framework defines and automatically loads the URL routes due to which the users can see their desired URL such as content, product page, contact us page, and others easily. Due to Laravel’s built-in file configuration, web developers can easily recognize and identify URL routes. As a result, empty URLs will not get redirected. User experience will improve and interactivity will get better. 

Parallel Development using MVC Framework

Laravel framework divides the programming code of the web application in the initial stage which results in the parallel development of the application by using the UI designers and core developers. MVC, Model-View-Controller, ensures that web developers add new features and fix bugs in minimum time.

Better Memory Management

Caching helps improve the system’s performance by a lot. PHP Laravel framework supports server-side caching with built-in drivers that store cache objects in the file system. It improves backend performance and offers high uploading speed. Thus, Laravel uses caching for better performance.

High Performance Under Heavy Server Load

With the growth of the business, the traffic on the website automatically grows. So, a framework that can handle heavy traffic smoothly becomes a necessity. Laravel uses a unique queue system for messages that can postpone other tasks and prioritize the most important tasks. In this way, the PHP Laravel framework keeps the website up and running efficiently.

Multilingual Feature

One of the many benefits PHP Laravel Framework offers in web development is absolute language switching properties. When a user switches the language of the web page to another language, Laravel ensures the right processing in much less time. In short, projects get translated features that work efficiently. With the multilingual feature, the URL for different regions can be useful in improving SEO ranking. 

Economical Framework

Since Laravel is an open-source framework, it is cost-effective and easily accessible to web development companies. In addition, the web development and maintenance time with the Laravel framework is less compared to other frameworks such as Symphony, Ruby on Rails, Codeigniter, etc. Thus, it is preferred by several web app development companies.

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Top Websites Built with PHP Laravel Framework

The New York Times

The New York Times is one of the most popular American newspapers based in New York City. It is distributed around the world ranking 18th and 3rd in the USA. It is available in both digital and print formats.


With the help of PHP Laravel’s expressive and elegant syntax, the web app development service providers have built the Disney app. It is one of the best websites designed with the Laravel framework.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Entertainment (WB) is an international media and entertainment company famous for its film studios and TV serial productions. The WB’s web application is also built on the Laravel framework.

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is the best platform for freelancers, service professionals, and business owners of small and medium enterprises providing invoicing solutions, such as payment processing, expense monitoring, generating custom invoices, etc. 


Alison is an online education web app available on the internet to grow and learn for people from every age group. People worldwide can upskill and boost their careers by learning valuable skills.


It is apparent that all the frameworks cannot provide the above benefits. Laravel is one of the best web development frameworks as it offers all the benefits a developer needs and indicates that Laravel web development solutions will deliver the product on time and at an affordable cost. So to avail the benefits of the PHP Laravel framework, hire professional Laravel developers for your next project and witness the growth of your business.


Q1. Which programming language is safer: Laravel or Core PHP?

If codes get written in a clear and concise format, then Core PHP exhibits a faster execution process compared to Laravel. Core PHP scripts are also reusable. On the other hand, Laravel’s layered structure, Laravel code line execution is a bit slower. 

Q2. Is Laravel beneficial for big projects?

Laravel works best for both small and big projects and gives flawless results. It is a robust framework and easy to learn. Many big companies work on Laravel to create web servers.

Q3. What is the difference between PHP and Laravel frameworks?

Laravel framework is an automated web development framework helping with the many automatic tasks during backend development. The PHP framework is a pre-written script used for web server development.

Q4. What is the future of the Laravel framework?

Nowadays, every web development company prefers to develop the backend using Laravel. It is highly secure, bug-free, and offers high performance. So, it is true that the future of the Laravel framework is bright.

Q5. Is there any drawback of Laravel Framework?

Compared to other frameworks, such as CodeIgniter and Ruby on Rails, Laravel has quite less in-built support. For small projects, third-party integration is beneficial. However, for big projects, the integration becomes a tedious task.

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