Top Artificial intelligence trends to watch out in 2021

Top Artificial intelligence trends to watch out in 2021
Top Artificial intelligence trends to watch out in 2021

Artificial intelligence technology has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. It is changing the lifestyle of human beings with advanced technology.


AI technology is being used in many industries to improve their services. For example, the automobile industry is using AI to build high-quality driverless cars for its customers.


Many small businesses are also taking advantage of Artificial intelligence to provide a better customer experience. 


The bigger companies like Amazon and Apple are already using this technology for their virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri to understand customer queries better.  


So now you might be thinking how is it going to change the website development and internet industries in the upcoming years?


We all know that website development has been changed a lot in recent years. And AI is also helping the website development industries to provide a better user experience.


Many businesses are using AI technology on their website for personalized content, voice search optimization, Personalized chatbots, etc. 


We have seen that Artificial intelligence has dominated many big industries like automobiles, internet companies, social media companies and it will continue to dominate in the future also.


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The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Small And Medium Businesses


Artificial intelligence is also helping small businesses to improve products and services for their customers. For example, small ecommerce companies are using AI advanced features like chatbots, AR, VR, and automate customer management for their customers.


AI can also help small and medium businesses by interacting with customers with their human behavior. AI integrated software helps you to provide a better customer experience.


According to the study, 80% of businesses have already invested in Artificial intelligence and the remaining 20% of companies will also invest their money in some kind of AI technology by 2023.


How To Get Benefit From AI For Your Business


Artificial technology is giving many opportunities for businesses to improve and provide better customer services. So here I share some of the best AI Technologies for businesses:


  • Improve customer interactions: We all know that interaction with customers is a very crucial part of businesses. So, now Artificial intelligence is providing automatic interactions by analyzing the data of customers from previous communications. 


  • Personalized shopping experience: Many ecommerce companies are using AI to improve their customer experience. AI uses its advanced features to identify customer buying behavior and then show them accurate results.


  • Ability to predict the outcome: Artificial intelligence can also provide you the outcomes for your business by analyzing data. It will tell you about the product which you are selling to the customer’s whether it is interested in it or not.


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Artificial Intelligence Trends 


In the upcoming years, artificial intelligence is going to be used by almost every business to provide better services to customers.


There are lots of upcoming trends of artificial intelligence that everyone should know about because these trends help you to get more benefits from Artificial intelligence.


Now here I will share the top trends of artificial intelligence to watch out for in 2021.


So without wasting the time let’s jump into it:


Facial Recognition


Facial recognition is one of the fastest-growing AI technologies and it will also see tremendous growth in 2021 as well. 


In facial recognition, you do not have to interact physically because it uses advanced artificial technology to detect the face of the users.


Now look at some facial recognition trends in 2021:


  • Face emotion tracker: Using image processing software, you can recognize face emotions like anger, sadness, fear, and joy.


  • Facial recognition is getting better: In the last recent year, facial recognization has seen lots of changes and improvements. The artificial neural network is helping them to give more accurate results.


  • Facial recognition on cybersecurity: Facial recognition is playing an important role in cybersecurity using advanced artificial technology. The US military is already developing new types of face recognition because systems security is very important in that field.


  • Ability to track criminals: Face recognition CCTV can help the police to identify past criminals. Facial recognition plays an important role to identify criminals by using its advanced technology.


  • The market of facial recognition: We have seen tremendous growth in the market of facial recognition in the last few years. The facial recognition market as of now is 3.8 billion in 2021. 


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The role of artificial intelligence in web development 


In the last few year’s web development has seen huge growth. Businesses are using web development to get more target customers.


Artificial intelligence plays an important role in web development to improve customer services. So here we share some of the advantages of artificial intelligence in web development: 


  • Chatbots: Chatbots are used by many businesses to interact with customers. Chatbots can predict user emotions in a successful way. These bots are very useful for the business to make a better conversation with the customers. So we can say that in the upcoming years’ users can easily interact with the website.


  • Voice search: Customers can easily find the products or services on the website by using a voice search. Using AI technology websites can also make a voice conversation with the customers. So it makes it easier for customers to solve their queries regarding the business by making a good voice conversation. 


  • Personalized stores: These days customers can easily buy the products while sitting at home. So, many ecommerce websites are using artificial intelligence to provide a better experience to their customers. Using AI in e-commerce websites businesses can provide a unique and personalized experience to customers.


Artificial intelligence in healthcare  


Artificial intelligence is already giving many advantages to the healthcare sector. By using artificial intelligence they can provide better healthcare services to patients. There are lots of AI integrated applications that provide data related to your health. 


Wearable healthcare technologies have seen huge growth. They can track the heartbeats of your body and provide accurate data. These technologies are all integrated with artificial intelligence. 


Patients can solve their queries regarding their health by using chatbots. Chatbots can make good and interactive conversations with patients. 


  • Personalized treatment: Artificial intelligence is also providing personalized treatment to patients. It can reduce the costs of patients and also ignore the high charges of doctors.


  • Virtual nurses: Yes you read that right, artificial intelligence technology can also provide virtual nurses to the patients. They can assist the patients and monitor all their activities and can also remind the medicines of patients. 


  • Digital consultation: Smartphone apps can also provide digital consultation to the patients while sitting at home. Artificial intelligence technology uses patients’ personal medical history and provides a better answer. 


  • Manage medical records: It is very important in the health care sector to manage their records like medical history and other past histories of the patients. Using AI and digital automation health companies can easily manage their data.




Now in this blog, you have already read about the role of AI in businesses and industries. AI can improve our interactions with the customers and also help us to improve conversion rates. In the upcoming future, AI will be used in every sector and industry. AI can reduce the workload of business and also the cost of doing business online.

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